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The art pieces I create are designed, sculpted, assembled, sewn and painted by hand, therefore
are One of A Kind. No molds are ever used. I love making art and every single one
of my pieces is made with lots of love.

A lot of time I (the artist), will dye the fabrics, wool and hair to achieve a certain color combination.
The same can be said about the clays – they are mixed with the utmost care
(this mostly refers to polymer clay). Air dry clays are of professional quality as well.
I use a lot Creative Paperclay, Premier, LaDoll,
LaDoll Premix and Polyform Model Air Dry Clay.

The more complicated sculpted pieces have a wire armature inside them. Soft bodied sculpts
are made with quality cloth and stuffing materials. I am a completely self-taught artist with love
to all that is Childish, Eerie-Cute, Peculiar, Grotesque but – Beautiful! I hope you enjoy
my artwork, it is meant to be inspiring and make you smile!

Thank you for visiting my website!

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doll art by pearl moon arts